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Sinadin (Dejan Sinadinović) is a Yugoslav pianist and a music pedagogue. He is a full professor of piano at the Faculty of Music of the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. He completed graduate studies in piano performance at the Faculty of Music (Belgrade, Sebia) under the tutorship of Arbo Valdma (a former student of Bruno Lukk who studied piano with Arthur Schnabel and Paul Hindemith). He also pursued postgraduate studies at the Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky with a supervisor Eliso Virsaladze (a former student of Yakov Zak and Heinrich Neuhaus). He took part in numerous chamber music performances and during last ten years gave more than one hundred solo piano recitals throughout Europe in notable music venues (Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Greece, Northern Cyprus, Denmark, Russia, Romania). Most recently, he performed with Synergia6 ensemble in Croatia (Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Osor Musical Evenings and International Music Festival in Zadar). He has collaborated with various orchestras accross the world working with conductors such as Mladen Jagušt, Vassily Sinaisky, Vladimir Kiradjiev, Rolf Beck, Jean-Francois Antonioli and others. Among others, he performed with W. Lutosławski Philharmonic (Wrocław, Poland), Rzesow Philharmonic (Poland), Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra (Serbia), The Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (Serbia), Artistic ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički” (Serbia), Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma (Rome). He joined forces with many distinguished chamber ensembles such as Synergia6 (international), Artis Quartet (Vienna), Minetti Quartet (Vienna), Meridies String Quartet (Italy) and Camerata Serbica (Belgrade).. As a great enthusiast for chamber music he affiliated with a number of exceptional musicians including sopranos Katarina Jovanović (Serbia) and Aneta Ilić (Serbia), violinists Nemanja Radulović (France), Tijana Milošević (Serbia), Oleksandr Semchuk (Italy), clarinetist Milan Milošević (Canada), cellists Sadra Belić (Serbia) and Niklas Eppinger (Germany) and bassoonist Žarko Perišić (Austria/Croatia). He was an artistic director and a conductor of The New Moment Ensemble which hosted some of the most prominent instrumentalists from the Balkans. With this orchestra he participated in the production of Michael Nyman’s opera The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, both as a pianist and a conductor. It took place in the festival “Ideas- Campus” in 2002 (Piran, Slovenia) under composer’s supervision. Later that year, The New Moment Ensemble performed this opera at one of the most prestigious international festivals of theatre and performing arts in the South East Europe, the BITEF festival in Belgrade. Appart from the teaching position at the Faculty of Music, University of Art in Belgrade, Deyan Sinadinovich was appointed a Vice Dean of the faculty (2002–2006). He was chair of the Department of Music at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade (1998–2006) where he also taught piano performance. He gave lectures and master classes in Kotor (Montenegro), Subotica (Serbia), Belgrade (Serbia), Girona (Spain), St. Petersburg – Rimski Korsakov Conservatory (Russia), Ateneo Basilicata (Italy), London (England). He is currently the president of European Piano Teachers Association in Serbia. He published three CD’s with his live recordings for the Spanish label KNS Classical performing the works of Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann, César Franck, Alexander Scriabin. In 2021 he published another eight CDs for Parisian Anima-Records. Deyan Sinadinovich stood behind several music festivals and series of concerts such as Piano Chamber Festival in 2005 (Belgrade), Emil Hayek Festival (Belgrade) and The Spring Piano Feast (Belgrade). Owing to that, he established a reputation of an adept programme director. (May 2021)
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Concert Pianist
Collection d'Arias d'amour et de tristesse

Collection d'Arias d'amour et de tristesse

Arias de différents compositeurs : Samuel Gurwitsch, Contrebasse Gary Karr, Contrebasse Misha Dacic, Piano
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Arias de différents compositeurs
Bach: Complete Clavier Bien tempéré Book I and II by Jérôme Granjon

Bach: Complete Clavier Bien tempéré Book I and II by Jérôme Granjon

Jérome Granjon, Piano Jérôme Granjon chemine avec cette oeuvre depuis de nombreuses années. Il est fasciné par la capacité de Bach à se renouveler dans ces 48 préludes et fugues à travers une profusion d'influences issues de différentes traditions, fusionnées avec le style et les formes de sontemps. Il est également émerveillé par la manière dont Bach, entre le 1er et le 2e livre, crée une poétique des tonalités puis la renouvelle complètement (et l'on sait l'influence qu'aura ce double "voyage" sur les générations futures de compositeurs). Dans le cadre de sa démarche de compréhension du dialogue contrapuntique, il découvre le domaine encore mal connu de la rhétorique musicale, qui transforme profondément sa compréhension du discours musical. Malgré son attirance pour les interprétations sur clavicorde, clavecin, orgue et pianoforte - qu'il pratique lui-même - il reste persuadé que le piano moderne, instrument polyvalent, possède des qualités de souplesse sonore et une capacité de registration essentiels à cette musique s'il est subtilement utilisé. C'est fort de toute cette recherche qu'il décide de passer à l'enregistrement. Pour le 1er livre, enregistré dans un deuxième temps, il découvre et choisit l'Opus 102 de Stephen Paulello, instrument unique dont la richesse harmonique - qui évoque le miroitement du clavecin - la longueur de son et la transparence des registres due à ses cordes parallèles lui paraissent se mettre idéalement au service de l'oeuvre. C’est aussi l’occasion de redécouvrir l'un des jalons essentiels du répertoire pour clavier dans une perspective sonore nouvelle.
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Book I and II : 48 Preludes and Fugues
Chabrier Complete Solo and Four hands :  Bruno Canino/Bertrand Giraud

Chabrier Complete Solo and Four hands : Bruno Canino/Bertrand Giraud

CHABRIER - INTEGRALE DE L'OEUVRE POUR PIANO SOLO ET 4 MAINS ANM/130300002, Label Anima-records Bruno Canino, Bertrand Giraud Piano (
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Chabrier: Complete recordings Piano Solo, Piano 4 hands